CCT-3300 Series Conductivity Online Controller

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Aplikasi CCT-3300 Series Conductivity Online Controller : Banyak digunakan untuk industri kimia, farmasi, makanan, minuman, pelapisan industri, air kota, lingkungan, dll. Pengukuran / pengendalian konduktivitas / resisitivitas online. Ini adalah pengendali online konduktivitas / resistivitas tinggi konduktivitas / resistivitas tinggi skala kecil yang terkemuka di dunia industri.

Characteristics CCT-3300 Series Conductivity Online Controller:

  • Integrated of Conductivity/Resistivity parameter measurement, support cell constant 0.01cm-', 0.1 cm-', 1.0cm-', 10.0 cm-';
  • Intelligent automatic range, automatic conversion in full range;
  • Arbitrary selection of Conductivity, Resistivity and IDS;
  • Check the conductivity, temperature, (4-20)mA at any time;
  • Single channel Isolated (4-20) mA output, instrument/transmitter mode for selection;
  • DC 24V; AC 110V; AC 220V power supply for selection;
  • Measuring, communication, control are completely isolated, more stable;
  • With the CE Certification.

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