pH/ORP-3500 pH/ORP Online Meter

water treatment aerator aspirator pH/ORP-3500 pH/ORP Online Meter asia chemical engineering grinviro biotkeno indonesia

Application: Widely used in scientific experiments and flow detection of various pH solution, It is a small, low-cost and high cost-effective on-line analysis instruments.


  • One kind of popular and cost-effective online pHJORP controller;
  • Be compatible for six kinds of Buffer solution (10.00, 9.18, 7.00, 6.86, 4.00, 4.01);
  • Outlay temperature sensor design, Universal pH electrode;
  • White back-light, overhead multi symbols, simple to set up, easy to use;
  • Isolated (4-20)mA output, dual mode Instrument/Transmitter;
  • Double relay control (one for high limit ,one for the low limit) and the time-delay control;
  • Optimal electromagnetic compatibility design, good anti jamming performance;
  • Multi power supply, DC/AC power input, no polarity connection;
  • Compact Quick installation with the Short cabinet;
  • With the CE certification.

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