pH/ORP-8500A pH/ORP Online Meter

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characteristics pH/ORP-8500A pH/ORP Online Meter:

  • 3.5" 320x240 TFT color screen, Multi-parameter display;
  • It has pointers, numbers and colors with space-time concept and can display forms;
  • Be compatible for six kinds of buffer solution which suitable for international standard;
  • Touch key, Chinese/English to select, guided operation;
  • RS485, Modbus RTU protocol;
  • Double ehannels/lsolated(4-20)mA, instrument/transmitter mode for selection;
  • Three channels photoelectric switch control, arbitary combination for PH/ORP/temperature/timing;
  • switch control, frequency pulse, frequency pulse for option, fit for more;
  • EMC design with better ability on anti-interference;
  • Calendar function which can set timing and reserved timing;
  • With the CE Certification.

Application pH/ORP-8500A pH/ORP Online Meter:

Widely used for online pH/ORP measurement in chemical process, oil refining, metallurgy, phannacy,chemical synthesis industriaVsewage water treatment, environment monitoring, agricul-tural technology, biological fermentation, industrial coating and so on.

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