POP-8300 A/B (POP-2200) Integrated Free Chlorine/CLO2/pH Online Analyzer

water treatment aerator aspirator POP-8300 A/B (POP-2200) Integrated Free Chlorine/CLO<sub>2</sub>/pH Online Analyzer  asia chemical engineering grinviro biotkeno indonesia

POP-8300 A/B (POP-2200) Integrated Free Chlorine/CLO2/pH Online Analyzer Widely used for online monitoring HCIO/CLO2 free chlorine in residential&drinking water or food industries. It is designed for con-structing swimming pool, Spa online analysis and the sewage and waste-water disinfection and drug Dosing control. It is better than DPD method Under the condition of large range.

Characteristics POP-8300 A/B (POP-2200) Integrated Free Chlorine/CLO2/pH Online Analyzer :

  • Wall mounted 1-1C10/CLO2 Free Chlorine online analysis system integration;
  • Especially suitable for the detection of free HCIO and CLO2,
  • With potentiostatic sensors , stable operation and long operational life;
  • Embedded free chlorine, chlorine dioxide analysis software of two mathematical models;
  • 3.5" LCD color display, bilingual Chinese/English, complete operation guided;
  • Constant Clow rate control with the patents, make sure the measurement accuracy, do not changed by the the pipeline pressure;
  • Anti-siphon design, the system automatically in the conservation of the state after the shutdown;
  • Double channels isolated (4-20)mA, Instrument/Transmitter for selection;
  • high/low limit setting relay*2, Photoelectric proganunable*I , switching/pulse/PID regulating state;
  • Protective plastic chassis, preset back cover, the independent panel.

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