Digital Water Quality Analysis Modules

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With the development of industrial automation,PLC and touch screen are widely used .Touch screen replaces instrumentation display.And 1000 series modules come to being. These modules have similar appearance to PLC and can be installed to the same track with PLC.With RS485 data bus connection,they have advantages of strong anti-interference, fast transmitting speed, simple wire distribution and accurate data transmitting. They come with 4-20mA output. 1000 series modules meet intemet requirements and become the first choice for industry.

Characteristics Digital Water Quality Analysis Modules:

  • RS-485 digital data bus structure with 4-20mA output;
  • Visible sensor slope calibration software;
  • Address code and baud rate Acquisition and modification software;
  • Various modules can be track connection.No need for separate connection;
  • DC 24V power supply, non-polarity connection;
  • Isolation between measurement, communication and control channels;
  • Similar appearance to PLC and can be installed to PLC track;
  • Good EMC design to be suitable for industrial electromagnetism.

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