MCC/MFC-2300 Multi-Channels, Multi-function Controller

water treatment aerator aspirator MCC/MFC-2300 Multi-Channels, Multi-function Controller asia chemical engineering grinviro biotkeno indonesia

Widely used for waste water treatment, environmental water quality monitoring, industrial field control, chemical process; Easy for data collecting and controlling, transmitting and remote data transmission.

Characteristics MCC/MFC-2300 Multi-Channels, Multi-function Controller:

  • 2-16 channels digital and analog sensors can be connected through main communication port;
  • Support four channels (4-20)mA current loop analog data;
  • Wall mounted cabinet with full-sealed, good protection ability;
  • Master-slave type dual serial port, Modbus RTU communication protocol;
  • Any digital sensors can be connected to master serial port;
  • Any PLC computer, wireless remote module can be connected to slave serial port;
  • Store a variety of measurement unit, can be selected from the screen;
  • digital sensor with automatic change default; the current loop can be specified in the interface;
  • 4-20mA output, Instrument / Transmitter for selection;
  • Four channels relay output, preset/cycle control output;
  • One channel photoelectric switch, programmable logic/pulse/frequency working mode;
  • WIFIVigbee\30\GPRS remote module can be selected to integrate into cabinet.

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