MWA-1300 Multi Parameter Online Analysis System Integration

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Characteristics MWA-1300 Multi Parameter Online Analysis System Integration:

  • The sampling water will be lead into the cycling system for multi-parameters measurement, which could avoid cumulative water con-sumption caused by multi-point monitoring network system and save water
  • 7" color touchscreen with 4-12 channels measurement parameters displayed at the same time;
  • Build-in module instead of meters which makes system clean;stable running, low maintenance;
  • Water quality parameters and external Physical quantities integration, with data logger function;
  • Bus data acquisition (with high speed and high fidelity feature)for data transmission;
  • Data module calibration software makes visible calibration;
  • Mass data storage space for historical data record and curve playback of measurement parameters, U disk data transmission function;
  • Master-slave communication port; mast port for receiving and handling of analyzer; slave port for remote communication, can connect GPRS/WIFI/Zigebe,also connect interim for real time remote nionitoting and trouble shooting;
  • With the function of sensor automatic maintenance ,ensure the long life of the sensor.

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