1400 COD Water Quality Online Analyzer

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Widely used in tap-water, oceans, rivers, lakes, water, electroplating waste water, printing and dyeing waste water, slaughter and process-ing waste water such as industrial waste water and high concentration of waste water before water treatment for direct measurement. Also widely used in rivers section, automatic water quality monitoring stations, sewage treatment plants, water plants, sewage monitoring point, the critical point area water section COD online monitoring.

Karakteristik 1400 COD Water Quality Online Analyzer

  • Visual system operation process or measurement curve analysing.
  • Timing acquisition,interval acquisition and remote acquisition for selection.
  • Measurement of Chloridion CI-10000mg/L.
  • Long time Reagent storage.
  • Connection port for over limit automatic sampling.
  • Low system maintenance with innovative data bus modules.
  • Automatic reset and automatic maintenance.
  • Remote access and automatic fault diagnosis.
  • Network or wireless module can be used with digital ports .
  • Harmonious operation and display interface with 7 inch TFT touch screen.
  • Data export with USB function ,Data export period can be selected.
  • Friendly diagram and Tabulation interface make operation easy.

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