Conductivity Transmitter

water treatment aerator aspirator Conductivity Transmitter asia chemical engineering grinviro biotkeno indonesia

Conductivity Transmitters designed for universal process application including use in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and beverage industries as well as water/waste water treatment. Icons guide the operator and show the sensor status. Sensor failures are detected, shown on the display and an alarm is set. Calibration can be done manually or by selecting standard calibration media.anel.

Model Application
  • Industrial process
  • Recycle & cleaner
  • Drinking & surface water measurement
  • Water & wastewater treatment
  • Ferment process
  • Chemical process

Widely used in wastewater treatment, pure water. recycled water, boiler water systems And electronics. Sectroptating, printing and dyeing chemical .tood, pharmaceutical and other process areas .Large sewage treatment plants, industrial process monitoring applications such excellence.

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