Floating Surface aerator (FAS)

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The high speed aerator line is designed to maximize the two most important functions of any aeration device-oxygen transfer and mixing of waste. The waste liquid is pumped through the unit in a manner which creates the most advantageous spray pattern for introducing oxygen into the liquid. At the same time, this pumping action creates a tank velocity pattern which insures the mixing of contents and thus the oxygen dispersion. Years of experience in the design and application of  echanical aeration equipment have been combined with the full capabilities of our extensive research test facility to provide a line of high speed aerators which not only maximize oxygen transfer and tank mixing characteristics but perform these functions in the most economical and reliable manner.




The Flowrex Floating Surface Aerator (FAS) uses the motor to drive axial flow type impeller directly in order to pump waste water for creating the spray pattern (or water drop) through the water guide panel. When water contacts air, it will become water drops, which fall to the water surface and form the turbulence and bubbles. These bubbles will improve oxygen dispersion and increase oxygen in water. The Flowrex FAS device pumps water from the bottom to the top and creates circulation flows and stir processes. It is suitable for domestic waste water treatment, agriculture and aquaculture oxygen supply and other industrial waste water aeration.

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