Progressive Cavity Pumps

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progressive cavity pump is a type of positive displacement pump and is also known as a progressing cavity pumpprogg cavity pumpeccentric screw pump or cavity pump. It transfers fluid by means of the progress, through the pump, of a sequence of small, fixed shape, discrete cavities, as its  rotor  is turned. This leads to the  volumetric flow rate  being proportional to the rotation rate (bidirectionally) and to low levels of  shearing being applied to the pumped fluid. Hence these pumps have application in fluid metering and pumping of  viscous  or shear-sensitive materials. The cavities taper down toward their ends and overlap. As one cavity diminishes another increases, the net flow amount has minimal variation as the total displacement is equal

Application Progressive Cavity Pumps

Application Progressive Cavity Pumps ideal for applications in agriculture, ceramics, chemicals, biochemicals, construction, dyeing, paints, electroplating, environmental technology, fish processing, food, beverages, bakery dough and fillings, mining, inorganic minerals, oil and natural gas production, offshore technologies, cosmetics, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper, shipbuilding, sugar refining, water and wastewater treatment, textiles, glues, adhesives, mastics and sealers in the transportation and construction markets.


Feature Seepex Pump

  • Various rotor / stator geometries (conventional, 6L, Tricam
    and Equal Wall)
  • Minimal pulsation, uniform and controlled flow. No pulsation
    dampeners or compensators are required.
  • High self-priming capabilities even with a mixture of liquid
    and air / gas up to a 9 m (29.5 ft.) water column
  • Can be mounted either horizontally or vertically, suction
    casing inlet can be rotated
  • Large spherical entrance ports for improved solids handling
  • Products with solids can be conveyed gently without damage
  • Reversible rotation and fluid flow to improve the NPSHr
    and sealing
  • Low shear rates

Features Xinglong Pump

  • Wide application, it can be used for conveying of
  • flowing materials, even non-flowing materials
  • Continuous conveying, small pulsating quantity
  • The media is not stirred in the pump and is free from squeezing and cutting
  • The flow is in direct proportion to the rotating speed, variable output, measurement feeding
  • Elastic stator, certain abrasion resistance

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